Heriot Toun in spring

Welcome to Heriot Toun Studio, an artist's residency space for people who want to create or simply charge their batteries.

Our award winning studio is a purpose built eco-friendly live/work space in the Scottish Borders providing living/workspace under one roof with self catering accommodation which is perfect for two, good for three, ok just for four (there's a small sofa bed in the sitting room that you can squeeze someone into).

It is light-filled, spacious and comfortable, and our hillside location provides lovely views out over the Heriot valley. 

Heriot Toun Studio Exterior

Our Studio Objectives

All welcome!

The studio is perfect for a place to work on a project, run a workshop, or have a creative break in an inspiring setting. We aim to:

  1. Provide individuals and small groups with a peaceful residential space with the freedom to develop ideas and projects.
  2. Provide a hub for potential collaboration between artists of different disciplines.
  3. Forge links with UK and international artists.
  4. Provide a comfortable, relaxing and welcoming place to charge your batteries, whatever you're up to.

We believe that art in the broadest sense is a universal language and we welcome creative people of all disciplines, nationalities, gender, religion. Everyone is welcome here. We're always open to ideas regarding communication or collaboration between cultures and countries so we welcome your comments and suggestions.

We have the best of both worlds in that we have a peaceful, inspiring location in the beautiful Scottish Borders but are easily accessible by bus or car and isn't far from the city of Edinburgh. See our Getting Here section for more information.

Seasonal poems and prose

Each season we present the work of a poet or writer on the website homepage,  we also hang the work on the wall of the studio.

The Studio As A Gathering Place

The studio also works well as a meeting place for any group of people needing a venue for the day, e.g. the Director's of Reiach and Hall Architects in Edinburgh hold regular meetings here when they come for the day to discuss office issues. Arts groups such as CABN and Crissing Borders have held similar days in the studio. The fully equipped kitchen means you can organise you own lunches and snacks.

There's pretty good wifi for internet, signal for most mobile networks, but no landline.

You don't have to be an artist working on a project to use the studio. It's also a space to just come and relax, be inspired and recharge the batteries. So feel free, you're welcome here!

The Working Studio

The ‘working’ part of the studio (which is attached to the living part) has a floor area of approx. 40sqm and has wonderful light and space. There are large north facing rooflights and glass sliding doors looking out over the Border hills, with interior roller blinds to diffuse any unwanted direct sunlight. There are two work tables (one medium and one large). The Studio has ample artificial light provided by a series of daylight spectrum striplights and directional spots. There is a large sink and drainer.

We also have pretty good wifi for internet access in the studio. (15/16mb/sec at present)

Immediately outside the glass doors is a timber deck which could be used as extended workspace for poetry readings, music or just relaxing, eating and drinking. Or if you want to sit by a campfire we have a space for that too under the Scots Pine.

At the back of the studio we have a horse trailer which we've converted to a wee sitooterie ie a cosy space to sit and read or think or watch the sunset.

 Above the studio with views to the west is our wee horsebox sitooterie for a summer breakout space to sit and read or enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset - or whatever takes your fancy.

Close by, just down the hill a wee bit, we have a second studio which is Pat's workplace. It's not for rent but you're welcome to drop in and say hello.

Oh - and there's a trampoline if you fancy a bounce.


Our beautiful rural area has much to inspire, the light is ever changing, the landscape gentle but stimulating. You can find old forts and ruins within a short distance, a winding river with woods to explore and miles of open space to get lost in. We keep a map in the studio to help you find your way, but wandering aimlessly is an even better way of discovering what's there! 

The Great Outdoors

There's nothing like getting out in the fresh air to get the creative juices flowing, so if you fancy a break Heriot is brilliant for walking and we have miles of rolling hills to cross without having to encounter a road.

Likewise, our roads are great for cycling so if you fancy bringing your bike, go right ahead. We have one we can lend you one too if you like so ask us before you arrive so we can leave it out for you. If you'd like to keep your bike under cover we can find a dry space in a shed. There's also an outside tap to hose it down you afterwards if needed.


If you fancy mountain biking, Innerleithen and Glentress with miles of trails aren't far away: 




Heriot Toun Studio has received numerous awards over the years. One of the best awards though is the fact that people love it and keep coming back. You can't ask for more than that.

Nominated for Best Venue of the Year in the Scot Trad Music Awards.

This was an incredible year. Not only did the studio attract wonderful folk who produced some amazing work, but the studio itself won a staggering 6 AWARDS:

  • Winner silver Roses Design Awards ‘Best Small project’ 2007
  • Winner Scottish Design Awards Chairman’s Award for Architecture
  • Winner Commendation Scottish Design Awards ‘Best Residential Project’ 2007
  • Winner Commendation Scottish Borders Council Design Awards ‘07
  • Winner EAA ‘Small Projects’ Commendation '07
  • Winner Civic Trust Awards 2007 Commendation

It was also shortlisted for the RIBA Award for Architecture.


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