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This page is for news and work in progress. Finished projects can be seen on the Studio Log page. 



work in progress


aafrug: the back-surge of a wave after it has broken on the shore, a spent wave drawing down a strand.
(still from moving image)


Relate North

Relate North

I'm delighted to be participating in this event to be held in Norway in October 2018. A collaboration between the University of the Arctic's Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design thematic network (ASAD), Nord University Faculty of Education and Arts, University of Lapland, UArctic and Helgeland Museum. The exhibition will run until until 7th December.

Shetland residency

Shetland residency

In June this year I spent time in Shetland researching the concept of 'belonging': what it means to belong to a place, a person, a country - how it might originate and consequently express itself. 


Glen Coe

Disecting the geological and cultural elements of this extraordinary landscape using drawing, film and sound recordings.

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