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7 Short Sails - Sail 4

Karine Polwart is a Scottish singer/songwriter combining the economy and universality of the folk storytelling tradition with a probing intellect and compassionate lyricism.

Su Grierson established her studio and project space in Perthshire and is committed to making contemporary international art happen in rural locations. She is currently chair of the Visual Arts Forum in Perthshire. She creates installations of video and sound with digital images.

Jerker Fahlstrom is a Swedish storyteller living and working in Floda, Sweden.

Sarah Roberts is from Leeds and after a 15 year accidental musical career lives in Edinburgh making Art. She is currently working on a stop-frame animation of a 1529 Act of Parliament (Henry VIII goes Racialist).

Evie Milo is a designer/artist based in Fife, Scotland. Working predominantly as a web designer, Evie has a background in sculpture and photography. She designs and creates jewellery, working mostly with recycled materials often incorporating precious and non-precious metals.
www.my-igloo.net / www.milomade.co.uk

Maria Heed was born in Gothenburg, Sweden and lives and works in Mölndal, Sweden.

Hilmur Bjarnason is a musician living and working in Iceland

Artists Involved

Karine Polwart (Scotland)
Su Grierson (Scotland)
Jerker Fahlstrom (Sweden)
Sarah Roberts (England)
Evie Milo (Scotland)
Maria Heed (Sweden)
Hilmar Bjarnason (Iceland)


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Karine Polwart was sent the following video clip respond to:


Karine Polwart's response:

This piece of work will continue to evolve...

The Day’s Catch

In other times
When night and day
Were not as one
There came a foal
And she appeared in
Gloaming grey
As white as bone
And black as coal

Some say she stole
Away the sun
The candle
From the evening sky
And in the hole
The moon she spun
A single
Soul-deceiving eye

In truth the mare
Was not a thief
But wary watcher of
The in-between
The guardian
Of all our grief
And catcher
Of a wayward dream

And at the tidemark
Of the morn
She vowed the borderline
To keep
Til all in darkness
That was born
She did return again
To sleep

For many years
The sentinel
Maintained the order
Of the nights and days
And not the fears
Of fiery hell
Or haunted shadows
Escaped her gaze

She knew the heart
Of every horror
That stalked the edge
Of every dawn
The tearless eyes
Of every terror
It was her pledge
To see them gone

But by and by
There grew a light
That did not wax
And did not wane
So slowly day
Devoured night
Til everywhere
There burned a flame

And so bedazzled
Were her eyes
She did not spy them
As they crossed
And all the fears
That she had guarded
Into a living dream
Were lost

Su Grierson's response to Karine Polwart's work:

Guardian of the Borderline

Jerker Fahlstrom's response to Su Grierson's work:

Pat's Story

Hi Pat!

I want to tell you a story. A true story of course.

The story begins a long time ago, on one of my journeys. It is about a wonder, and a myth that I found out is no myth. But more about that later in the story. A story often begins with: ‘Once upon a time’ and so does this. But even that a little later, so just have a little patience.

This day that we call today I sit in my hotel room and think about what happened to me yesterday night. I can’t really believe it is true, but I am here in China, in Bejing.

Yesterday night I travelled from Sichuan in Chendu by train. It was all dark and cold. The train was a train that you can see in the movies, and yes the wooden benches were really hard to sit on, and I couldn’t fall asleep of course, although I needed it. When I was sitting there looking out the window the train slowly slowed down, and finally stopped. I tried to look out in the dark, but there was no light to be seen... Oh, there was a light flicker far away. And then I saw that it came closer bit by bit.

Pat. Have you ever seen a Chinese dragon? I have, I hope you believe me even though I didn’t at first. They are big. Big red, green and yellow heads with small eyes and a long body with many legs. He shook his head and looked at me, I tell you, I scare not easy, but this time I wondered what should happen. He opened his big mouth and talked.

"Why don't you sleep like the rest? You who have seen me, have to follow me." He said.

And I walked out from the train, I don’t know why. I couldn’t stop myself. It was like I thought for myself: I am in it for the adventure, and this is truly an adventure... to read the rest of this story click here to open the PDF version...

Sarah Robert's response to Jerker Fahlstrom's work:

Swarming princesses

Sarah Roberts - Swarming Princesses

Evie Milo's response to Sarah Robert's work:


A brooch made from copper, silver and a mix of electronic capacitors, diodes and circuit-ware.

Evie Milo image 01Evie Milo image 02

One brooch in a series of three (two are still in the process of being made).
Read more about this work on the Milomade blog.

Maria Heed's response to Evie Milo's work:

The seven entrances of Man

Maria Heed - The Seven Entrances of Man

From multicultural project together with the Symphony Orchestra of Norrköping, Sweden.
Worked steel, 6 metres tall.

Hilmar Bjarnason's response to Maria Heed's work:

Sound Piece 1

Sound Piece 2

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