Heriot Toun in autumn

7 Short Sails - Sail 3

Ragna Robertsdottir lives and works in Iceland. She is a landscape artist; however, her works are not images of landscape, she brings landscape into exhibition spaces and private homes: lava, mud, stones, sand, shells.......she always works in a direct dialogue with the existing architecture of the space.

Norman Chalmers is an Edinburgh-based writer/photographer/musician/actor/teacher/sailor. Interested in Culture, Meaning and Identity. Here he plays concertina with the Cauld Blast Orchestra.

Reinhard Behrens teaches life drawing at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, he lives and works in Pittenweem in Fife. "Sudden Attention" is part of Reinhard Behrens ongoing, life-long artistic concept of NABOLAND. He came across the word "Naboland" when he was working as an archaeological draughtsman in Pergamon in 1975. It was the name of a cargo ship that collided with a Turkish submarine in the Bosporus as reported in a Turkish newspaper. This article reminded him of a little toy submarine that he had found the previous year on the shore of a North Fresian island on the German North Sea coast. The combination of the word "Naboland" with the found submarine provided scope for the exploration of the perhaps mythical region of "Naboland" ever since.

Annlaug Borsheim plays the hardangerfiddle (almost like a normal fiddle, just with an extra set of strings underneath the normal strings, it's the norwegian type of a fiddle). She also plays normal fiddle, the guitar and sings. She's a regular traveller across the North Sea, and has just recorded my first solo album in Edinburgh (In Castlesound studio and some in Heriot Toun Studio). Right now she's in Bergen, working as a freelance musician.

Kate Downie is a fine art graduate of Gray’s school of Art in Aberdeen and has been practising a combination of painting, drawing, printmaking and photography and film making for over 20 years.Downie has established temporary studios in places as diverse as a brewery, a maternity hospital, an oil rig and an island underneath the Forth Rail Bridge.

Ben Stephen is a recent music graduate of Dartington College of Arts, originally from the Island of Lewis but living in exile in Devon. He generally spends his time playing with various round objects or wearing silly, oversized headphones. Thanks to Tom Griffiths for his input in mixing this track.

Roxane Permar is an artist based in Shetland where she is a member of Veer North. She works in response to issues of location, history and community, using a variety of media to realise participatory projects, events and installations. Currently she is working with Nayan Kulkarni on Mirrie Dancers (www.mirriedancers.com) as well as preparing work for I Vesterveg, a project conceived by Malfridur Adalsteindottir that links artists and museums in Faroe, Iceland, Norway and Shetland.

Artists Involved

Ragna Robertsdottir (Iceland)
Norman Chalmers (Scotland)
Reinhard Behrens (Germany)
Annlaug Borsheim (Norway)
Kate Downie (Scotland)
Ben Stephen (Scotland)
Roxane Permar (Shetland)


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Ragna Robertsdottir was sent the following images and video clip to respond to:

Wild Wild Wild...

Pat Law Image 01

Ragna Robertsdottir's response:

Norman Chalmers' response to Ragna Robertsdottir's work:


Reinhard Behrens' response to Norman Chalmers' work:

Sudden Attention

Reinhard Behrens

Annlaug Borsheim's response to Reinhard Behrens' work:

Distant Relations

Kate Downie's response to Annlaug Borsheim's work:

We Used to Call This Kitiwake City

Kate Downie Image 01

Kate Downie Image 02

Kate Downie Image 03

Kate Downie Image 04

Ben Stephen's response to Kate Downie's work:

Track 1

Roxane Permar's response to Ben Stephen's work:

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