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7 Short Sails - Sail 2

Carina Fihn lives and works in Göteborg, Sweden. Visual artist, mostly working with printmaking, photography and video.

Mikko Paakkola, a painter. Born in 1961, lives and works in Turku, Finland. Working basically with a wide range of various materials, lately to construct the lights of landscapes that form a panorama of absolute silence.

Jim Hamlyn is a visual artist based in Scotland. His work incorporates a wide range of media from public sculpture and installation to photography and the moving image. Jim Hamlyn leads the Photographic and Electronic Media Course at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, which he set up with Colin Andrews in 2004.

Mattie Foulds was born in Canada and now lives in Pathhead, Scotland. He spends most of his time hitting things or pressing 3 on the numeric keypad, then thinking, then pressing Apple Z....

Jane Watt is an artist based in London. She has made installations and site-specific work in the public realm since 1994. She incorporates a play of light and optical illusion together with a sense of transience in a particular site or space. She tries to make extraordinary presences and experiences out of ordinary materials. By using often familiar, everyday materials Jane hopes to prompt the viewer to reconsider the world in which we live, even if it is just for a split second.

Magi Gibson is a poet and children's writer. She has had several poetry collections published, including Wild Women of a Certain Age, which has had three print runs. Currently the makar (poet laureate) of the City of Stirling, Magi's poetry has appeared in Canongate's Modern Scottish Women Poets and Scottishlove Poems anthologies. Her Seriously Sassy series of books are published by Puffin.
www.magigibson.co.uk / www.seriouslysassy.co.uk

Fribo is a unique collaboration between three musicians from Norway, Scotland and England, who are rapidly gaining recognition and acclaim for blending their own musical styles together with sensitivity and an exuberant feel for contemporary sounds and rhythms.

Artists Involved

Carina Fihn [Sweden]
Mikko Paakkola (Finland)
Jim Hamlyn (Scotland)
Mattie Foulds (Canada)
Jane Watt (England)
Magi Gibson (Scotland)
Fribo (Norway, England, Scotland)


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Carina Fihn was sent the following images, text and sound to respond to:


Pat Law Image 01

Music by Norman Chalmers.

"Blue men of the Minch according to the Hebridean legend, lived in deep underwater caves in the stretch of water between Lewis and the Shiant Isles. They sprang up from the sea in the Sound of Shiant and put to the skipper of every passing ship two lines of Gaelic poetry. Unless he could quote the next two lines of the text, they took great pleasure in sinking his ship since it meant he was not of their blood. It is said that the Blue Men were artists who did not want the island culture to be contaminated and perhaps it was their pranks that held off the influence of the outside world for such a long time..."

Here’s to contamination.

Pat Law Image 02

Pat Law Image 03

Met Office Weather Forecast 30th June - 2nd July
Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath including the Outer Hebrides
Strong winds are forecast
Inshore waters forecast
24 hour forecast: 1900 Mon 30 Jun  1900 Tue 01 Jul 
Wind North 4 or 5 occasionally 6 for a time.
Sea state Moderate or rough.
Weather Showers.
Visibility Moderate or good.
Outlook: 1900 Tue 1 Jul 1900 Wed 2 Jul 
Wind Northerly 4 or 5 becoming north westerly later
Sea state Moderate or rough.
Weather Rain or showers.
Visibility Moderate or good.

Carina Fihn's response:

Poem For The Terrified
sound piece & animation 2 min.

A strange echo hidden under the sound of a flute.
A 24 hour forecast. Deep waters, dangerous sea.

In my mind it all get mixed with recent stories, real and imaginary.

Hurricane hazards.
Global financial meltdown.
A life-saving drama.
EMILY L. Her lost words and never ending journeys across the sea.
"Are you going away again, Captain? It depends on her. Sometimes she wants to go, sometimes she doesn't...It's a long way, you see , a very long way indeed..."

In the end it might be about hope, the weathercasters´ voice,
indefatigably repeating... YOU WILL SURVIVE
dangerous storms, tornados,


Mikko Paakkola's response to Carina Fihn's work:

Untitled Image

Mikko's Image

Jim Hamlyn's response to Mikko Paakkola's work:

Mer de Glace

Jim Hamlyn

Mattie Fould's response to Jim Hamlyn's work:

Dirty Crumble

Jane Watt's response to Mattie Fould's work:

A Day In The Life

Magi Gibson's response to Jane Watt's work:

slip into the moment

slip into the moment
between night and day

between the breathing in

and the breathing out
into the moment between

the thought and the word,
that moment between

the silence and the noise

imagine stepping from a dancing boat
onto the solid shore

imagine that split second where
you are suspended in mid air –

if just then a passer-by

taking a photo of the view beyond -
the sparkling sea, the far horizon,

the white clouds drifting - caught you,
spirit-like, hovering

not in the boat,  not on the land, suspended,
defying the weight of flesh and blood and bone

slip into that moment if you can
slip into that moment if you dare

maybe that moment's where
you'll find who you really are

Fribo's response to Magi Gibson's work:

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